The Nevada Myth: Rethinking the Nevada Corporation

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After you have decided that incorporating is beneficial for your business,Guest Posting some people consider incorporating in states outside of their home state. Most notably, Nevada has been promoted by many “incorporating services” as having incredible benefits as opposed to the client’s home state. Other states such as Delaware and more recently Wyoming have also received consideration for incorporating. In some cases, depending on the facts of your business, there are some benefits in forming an out-of-the-home-state corporation in states such as Nevada. However, in the majority of cases the benefits of forming a Nevada corporation is simply a myth and will often be more expensive and troublesome than filing in the company’s home state.

Law of the Land: Foreign Entities

This may be a surprise to many, typically, corporations will be governed under California law despite being incorporated in Nevada. Let’s assume you do file a Nevada, yet you operate all of your business in California. Under this scenario, you are deemed to be a “pseudo foreign” corporation. If the corporation is a pseudo foreign corporation, California law in many areas will supersede the law of the state where the company was incorporated in. (See California Corporation Code §2115(b)). Therefore, for companies entirely based in California and doing business in California, practically all of the claimed benefits of incorporating in Nevada are out the window. It should be noted that if a Nevada corporation operating in California fails to qualify as foreign corporation, it may be subject to a number of sanctions. (See California Corporation Code §§2203, 2258, 2259).

Nevada v. California

The benefits typically touted by a Nevada corporation are the following: lower costs; tax savings; and greater privacy. But is any of it true? Below we will discuss some of these issues.

Expense: Contrary to what many people believe, it is more expensive to file in Nevada than in California. Here are some of the additional expenses: the initial filing fee is more; the Statement of Information is much more; you will be required to file a Statement and Designation of Foreign Corporation in California; and you will be required to hire a Nevada Agent for Service of Process each year. For large clients, the additional cost (of approximately $500 more) is not a big consideration, but for smaller businesses every dollar counts.

How to Pass the Nevada Driving Test

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When I was growing up in Las Vegas, learning to drive was relatively easy. The fact is, driver’s ed was offered in every high school in the valley. Because of that, teens seemed to pass the Nevada DMV driving test more easily. Due to budget cuts, however, the Clark County School District has virtually eliminated driver’s education from the curriculum, making it more difficult for new teen drivers to pass their test on their first try. This article will tell you what to expect during your driving test and it will give you the information on how a driving school can help you with passing the test with ease.

Nevada DMV Requirements for Teen Drivers

Before you get your Nevada driver’s license, you must meet certain requirements. As you are probably aware, the State of Nevada has become more strict on its rules for teen drivers seeking to get a Nevada driver’s license. In the past, there was no driver’s ed requirement nor was there a requirement of 50-hours behind the wheel required of your parents. Today, however, the Nevada DMV mandates that all teens under the age of eighteen must take a DMV approved Nevada driver’s ed course as well as complete 50-hours of behind the wheel driving experience with their parent or a suitable driver that is 21-years of age or older. The teen driver’s ed course can be taken online or in a classroom. Typically, classroom driver’s ed courses are taken over the course of two full weekends (two Saturdays and two Sundays). As such, each class is 7 1/2 hours long. Due to space and the need for a teacher to instruct the class, these classroom driver’s ed courses are usually more expensive than their online counterparts.

Online Driver’s Ed in Nevada

Online driver’s ed courses in Nevada, on the other hand, can cost as little as $45 and they can be taken in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Some online driver’s ed courses offer students the ability to take their course on their smartphone or tablet, as long as the student has an internet connection. Online courses offer a great way for busy teens to learn as they go–at their own pace–rather than be subject to the speed of a classroom driver’s ed course.

Some students get their Nevada learner’s permit and begin their driving practice before completing their driver’s education requirement. This is acceptable by the DMV. However, teens can actually take their Nevada driver’s ed course at the age of 15 whereas they cannot take the Nevada DMV written test until they are 15 1/2 years old. So, someone eager to get their license would be better served fulfilling their driver’s education requirement before they go to the DMV for the written test. This makes them far more likely to pass on their first attempt!

How a Driving School can Help

As mentioned, a large portion of teens fail their Nevada driving test on their first attempt, despite completing their Nevada driver’s ed course and despite the fact that they have 50-hours of supervised driving under their belt. The reason for this is simple. Adult drivers pick up bad habits over the years, unknowingly, which are incidentally passed on to their teens who are learning to drive. Because of this, I always recommend that students take at least one professional driving lesson from a professional driving school. As mentioned, taking a behind the wheel driving lesson is the best way to hone the driving skills of a teen driver. This gives the teen an opportunity to see what is expected of them when they reach the DMV to take their driving test. In most cases, a professional driving instructor can put the teen through a series of practice tests that will simulate the actual Nevada DMV driving test. Doing this a few times will not only allow the student to know what to expect, it will result in them becoming much more confident and relaxed when the big day comes.

What to Expect During Your Nevada Driving Test

First, you should know that an appointment must be made before you can take the driving skills portion of the test. You can do this online. Once the teen arrives at the Nevada DMV location where their test will be, they will need to check in. The DMV runs pretty close to schedule and it’s rare that the test taker will have to wait long past their appointment time.

Prior to taking the test, the DMV examiner will walk around the vehicle to ensure that it is safe to operate. If they find problems with the vehicle, the test will be cancelled. The DMV examiner will only go if they feel the vehicle is safe.

Once the vehicle is given the “OK” by the examiner, they will explain how the test works. This usually consists of them explaining that they expect you to drive safely, obey all traffic laws and follow their instructions. Keep in mind that they are not their to “trick” you and in most cases, they will be rooting for you to pass. But remember: this is serious business for them. They are attesting to the fact that you appear to be a safe and competent driver that can be trusted to drive among the rest of us.

The DMV examiner will then direct you through one of the DMV designated courses. This usually takes about 20-minutes and it consists of them scoring you on your driving performance. When you start the driving skills test, you begin with 100 points. Points are then deducted based on any errors you make, in the examiner’s opinion.

Some of the most common errors and related point deductions are not coming to a full stop at stop signs, stopping past the stop sign, making unsafe lane changes, making improper turns, driving too fast and driving too slow. Again, many students believe that they are doing these things right. Oftentimes, however, DMV has expectations that are different than what the teen has learned.

This is, again, one of the reasons I encourage everyone to use a professional driving school at least once prior to their test but preferably when they are first getting started. Doing so gets the student started on the right foot. From there, they know the rules and they can then work on their driving practice within the rules that they DMV will be grading the student on.

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The Important of Reputation Management For Your Business

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Have you been searching for accommodating and solid data? Indeed, this article will ensure you get a few strong ideas. It will assist you with sorting out some way to more readily deal with your standing.

Posting data via online media locales is essential to your business’ standing. You should post a few times each week at any rate to actually run an advertising effort. Assuming you see that posting via online media locales is overpowering, consider recruiting an aide to make your posts for you.

At the point when individuals invest in some opportunity to offer something about your business, it is vital that you are sufficiently gracious to answer. While you might be an extremely bustling individual, it shows your crowd that you really care about them and what they need to say. This is imperative to keep a consistent client base.

At the point when you talk with your crowd, ensure that you do as such in a conversational tone. Individuals try to avoid the possibility of entrepreneurs continuously addressing them with promoting to them. While you would like to make a deal, you ought to never cause a client to feel like this is your main concern.

Be grateful. Assuming somebody leaves a decent audit about your organization, send them an individual message and express gratitude toward them for their criticism. On the off chance that conceivable, send your client a coupon for a specific percent off on their next buy as a much obliged. In the event that this is preposterous, earnestly say thanks to them for their input.

Assuming you will utilize anybody’s thoughts, you ought to constantly make a point to give them credit for that. Everybody out there can advance a little from others, so giving due credit will show individuals that you don’t think you are over that. This is an extraordinary method for getting their appreciation.